San Francisco Area RESULTS
Media Generated in 1993

Date RESULTS Person Medium Item Description
Jan 1, 1993 Oakland Group Oakland Tribune Editorial "Third World conditions here at home" re: SOWC 93
Jan 4, 1993 Marilyn Sherwin Contra Costa Times Letter "Carter was right" (priorities for Africa)
Jan 13, 1993 Bill & Maria Stevenson Oakland Tribune Letter "Meet the goals of summit for children"
Feb 5, 1993 Julie Hochman San Francisco Chronicle Article Edward Epstein: "Squabble Over Foreign Aid" (microenterprise lending loan sizes under $300)
Feb 7, 1993 Mark Altgelt Contra Costa Times Letter "U.S. must aid Africa"
Feb 8, 1993 Joel Rubinstein Oakland Tribune Letter "We must stop military aid" re: aid to Somalia
Feb 12, 1993 Brian Webster Oakland Tribune Letter "A new era of commitment" re: aid to Somalia
May 10, 1993 Joel Rubinstein San Francisco Chronicle Letter "Give Clinton More Time" re: sloppy coverage
Jul 11, 1993 Joel Rubinstein San Francisco Examiner Letter "Dellums' record shines"
Jul 12, 1993 Max E. Chiddix Oakland Tribune Letter "Preventing future crises" (foreign aid/Somalia)
Jul 15, 1993 Janine Harnell Concord Transcript Letter "Children need support": WSCIA
Aug 22, 1993 Joel Rubinstein San Francisco Chronicle Letter "Foreign Aid for Peace" re: Op-ed
Oct 4, 1993 Barbara F. Hill San Francisco Chronicle Letter "Pay More for Our Needs": Progress of Nations Rep't
Oct 7, 1993 Brian Webster The Oakland Tribune Op-ed Brenda Payton: "We're suffering from a poverty of spirit"
Oct 8, 1993 Joel Rubinstein Marin Independent Journal Letter "Way to go, IJ": coverage of Progress of Nations
Dec 21, 1993 Oakland Group   Press Conference UNICEF State of the World's Children 1994
Dec 21, 1993 Oakland Group KGO-TV 7 TV News Coverage of UNICEF report

Note: in 1993, there were RESULTS groups in Oakland, San Francisco, and Contra Costa. This lists the media of the Oakland group only.

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