San Francisco Area RESULTS
Media Generated in 2016

Date RESULTS Person Medium Item Description
January 31, 2016 Willie Dickerson San Francisco Chronicle Letter (pdf) Power of protest (Citizens speaking to their representatives helped make permanent the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, which keep 16 million Americans from falling into — or deeper into — poverty.)
March 13, 2016 Willie Dickerson San Francisco Chronicle Letter (pdf) Global problem (Global Fund is making great progress to control AIDS, urge Congress to fund next 3-year replenishent.)
March 31, 2016 Lisa Schliff San Francisco Chronicle Letter (pdf) Eradicate TB (please contact not just your senators and representative and ask them to support adequate funding for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.)
April 16, 2016 Sue Oehser East Bay Times Letter (pdf) Obama must help in the nutrition battle (President Barack Obama should attend Nutrition for Growth Summit and commit $500 million toward nutrition-specific efforts in the last year of his administration.)
June 23, 2016 Gail Dolson Marin Independent Journal Opinion (pdf) Marin Voice: US support for Global Fund fight against TB needed (Rep. Jared Huffman should push for the president and Congress to expand our support for the Global Fund.)
July 18, 2016 Gail Dolson Deseret News Opinion (pdf) Tuberculosis still a threat today (Please urge your congressional representatives, senators and President Obama to support additional financing for the Global Fund.)
July 2, 2016 Willie Dickerson The Sacramento Bee Letter (pdf) Zika funding needs our input (Ask your representatives to pass the $1.9 billion to fight Zika.)
November 19, 2016 Willie Dickerson The Sacramento Bee Letter (pdf) Education can change the world (Ask our senators to support and pass the Education for All Act.)
December 3, 2016 Georgia Platts San Jose Mercury News Letter (pdf) Bay Area must keep pushing to strengthen middle class (I appreciate the declaration of our Bay Area Congress members Zoe Lofgren, Anna Eshoo and Ro Khanna to continue fighting to defend hard-working Americans from policy that promises to trickle wealth down to the rest of us — yet never does.)
December 5, 2016 Sue Oehser East Bay Times Letter (pdf) Congress must keep promise to save lives (Thanks to citizen advocacy, the U.S. promised $4.3 billion to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria over the next three years, saving millions of lives if funded.)
December 5, 2016 Jim Driggers East Bay Times Letter (pdf) Improving education improves everyone (The House already passed the Education for All Act. The Senate should do the same before it adjourns next month.)
December 23, 2016 Lisa Schliff The Union (Nevada County) Letter (pdf) Extreme global poverty impacts us all (Please contact Congressman Doug LaMalfa, or whoever is your member of Congress, to request that he support the renewal of the Global Fund.)
December 26, 2016 Marsha M. Joy East Bay Times Letter (pdf) World desperately needs bill to save lives of kids (Thanks to RESULTS, more than 210 members of Congress cosponsored the Reach Every Mother and Child Act; Congress should pass it in 2017.)

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