San Francisco Area RESULTS
Media Generated in 2022

Date RESULTS Person Medium Item Description
April 2, 2022 Sue Oehser The Post-Star
(Glens Falls, N.Y.)
Letter Letter to the editor: Stefanik should support GFATM (Stefanik has supported the Global Fund in the past and should again at $2 billion annually.)
August 24, 2022 John Oda East Bay Times Letter CTC Payments (2021 changes to CTC reduced child poverty 40%; stopping the policy kicked 3.7 million children into poverty in 2022; Congress should make CTC permanently refundable with monthly payments.)
November 13, 2022 Willie Dickerson The Sacramento Bee Letter Proven Solutions (A renters' tax credit could give low-income people a ladder out of poverty.)
November 13, 2022 Jim Driggers East Bay Times Letter Time to refocus on fight against TB (Thanking Reps. Mike Thompson and Mark DeSaulnier for co-sponsoring the End TB Now Act (H.R. 8654), urging Rep. Jerry McNerney to do the same; urging Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla to co-sponsor the Senate version (S. 3386).)
November 20, 2022 Sarah Izabel The Mercury-News Letter Urge Congress to expand CTC (Because of a temporary expansion of the CTC, Child poverty dropped by 46% in 2021; urge Reps. Anna Eshoo, Zoe Lofgren, and Ro Khanna to expand the CTC again)
November 21, 2022 Danica Berry The Mercury-News Letter Congress must reinstate expanded child tax credit (Expanded CTC lifted 2.9 million children out of poverty in 2021. I call on our local House representatives to support the well-being of families by pushing to make the expanded CTC permanent.)
November 22, 2022 Matt Parent San Francisco Chronicle Letter Invest in Children (Expanded CTC massively cut child poverty in 2021. It helps families get back on their feet. Congress should re-expand the CTC; listen up, Speaker Pelosi!)
November 23, 2022 Georgia Platts Salt Lake Tribune Letter Cut child poverty by expanding the Child Tax Credit (Child poverty in 2021 dropped by almost half thanks to temporarily expanded CTC; calling on Sens. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee to support expanding the CTC with monthly payments to all low income families.)
November 26, 2022 Georgia Platts Deseret News Letter Our senators should lift children out of poverty this Christmas (Child poverty in 2021 dropped by almost half thanks to temporarily expanded CTC; Sens. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee should reinstate expanded CTC before end of year.)
November 29, 2022 Pravin Soni The Mercury-News Letter Reinstating CTC would alleviate poverty (CTC has been highly effective at alleviating child poverty, but the expansion lapsed. Sens. Feinstein and Padilla and Reps. Khanna, Lofgren, and Eshoo should work to reinstate expanded CTC before end of this Congress.)

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