San Francisco Area RESULTS
Media Generated in 2021

Date RESULTS Person Medium Item Description
January 21, 2021 Willie Dickerson The Sacramento Bee Letter Stimulus package will keep California limping along. But the economic chasm is deepening. (Remind legislators of the work that remains to rebuild America’s economy and equity and deal with hunger and homelessness.)
February 1, 2021 Georgia Platts Deseret News (Salt Lake City) Letter Even conservative institutions back big virus relief spending (The U.S. Chamber of Conmmerce and others back Biden's $1.9 Trillian COVID-19 plan; senators must heed the call to ensure we sustain strong local businesses, which bring healthy families and communities.)
April 16, 2021 Willie Dickerson The Mercury News
East Bay Times
Letter Crucial time to honor Chinese American hero (Ask your representatives to pass legislation including housing and tax credit and other measures to address U.S. poverty.)
May 8, 2021 Sue Oehser The Post-Star (Glens Falls, N.Y.)
Letter (pdf) Federal financial lifelines important (Rep. Stefanik asked to lead in support of the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, which can cut child poverty over 50%.)

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