San Francisco Area RESULTS
Media Generated in 2020

Date RESULTS Person Medium Item Description
September 24, 2020 Pat Payne East Bay Times Letter Congress should push for global COVID relief (Congress should "go big" for COVID-19 Emergency Relief and push for $20 billion in foreign aid to provide real global relief.)
September 30, 2020 Sue Oehser East Bay Times Letter (pdf) You can influence aid policy — by voting (The U.S. has supported the Global Fund and other foreign assistance but now our leadership is at risk. We should also support SNAP, EITC and renter's assistance.)
October 16, 2020 The Montclarion
October 28, 2020 Georgia Platts The Salt Lake Tribune Letter American needs COVID relief bill (Congress should pass COVID relief and expand the Earned Income Tax Credit, increas SNAP (food stamps) and more.)

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