San Francisco Area RESULTS
Media Generated in 2019

Date RESULTS Person Medium Item Description
February 6, 2019 Tari Nicholson East Bay Times Letter (pdf) Harris’ ‘out of sync’ replies reveal lack of experience (Sen. Harris supports U.S. education, but should learn more1 about global issues.)
March 12, 2019 Willie Dickerson The Sacramento Bee Letter (page) Let's end homelessness (Call your Congressional representatives and ask them to put and end to the solvable problem of homelessness)
April 7, 2019 Ricardo Narvaez East Bay Times
The Mercury News
Letter (pdf) GOP-Dem unity on global health program applauded (Republicans and Democrats have both strongly supported global health, education and anti-poverty programs, including GPE and GFATM; Congress and the President should support GFATM with at least $4.8 billion annually.)
April 19, 2019 Susan Oehser East Bay Times
The Mercury News
Letter (pdf) Congress must stop Trump’s cuts to lifesaving programs (Barbara Lee has championed GFATM since its beginning in 2002; the GFATM has saved millions of lives; urge Congress to oppose Trump's proposed 25% cut!)
May 18, 2019 Gail Dolson Marin Independent Journal Letter (pdf) Appreciates Sen. Harris’ work ‘behind the scenes’ (Kudos to Sen. Kamala Harris for promoting strong U.S. support in global health and nutrition solutions, increasing funding for PEPFAR and the GFATM)
May 22, 2019 Jim Driggers East Bay Times
The Mercury News
Letter (pdf) Will pro-lifers fight to save babies after they’re born? (The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria has saved 27 million lives since 2002; pro-lifers should join me in urging their reps to continue the bipartisan support for the Global Fund)
June 14, 2019 Lisa Schliff The Union (Grass Valley) Letter (pdf) We can’t escape housing crisis (A renters’ tax credit would help make housing affordable for people in our area.)
July 17, 2019 Donna Munro San Mateo Daily Journal Letter (pdf) Renters’ tax credit (A renters’ tax credit would help level the playing field.)
July 19, 2019 Willie Dickerson San Mateo Daily Journal Letter (pdf) Ladders out of poverty (The renters’ tax credit will provide a ladder out of poverty and lets families begin to build wealth.)
October 1, 2019 Sue Oehser The Post-Star (Glens Falls, N.Y.) Letter (pdf) The Global Fund needs more support (The Global Fund has helped save 27 million lives; H.Res.517 supports it; thanks to Rep. Stefanik for cosponsoring; Senators Schumer and Gillibrand need to support S.Res.318.)
October 9, 2019 Gail Dolson Marin Independent Journal Opinion (pdf) Marin Voice: Tuberculosis is still a serious threat around the world (TB is a major world killer; the Global Fund is the best response; Congress needs to fund it.)
October 25, 2019 Jim Driggers East Bay Times
The Mercury News
Letter (pdf) Rep. DeSaulnier hailed for signing on to Global Fund (Thank you Rep. DeSaulnier cosponsoring H.Res.517, supporting $4.68 billion from the U.S to the Global Fund over the next 3 years.)
October 29, 2019 Willie Dickerson Marin Independent Journal Letter (pdf) Global Fund making big strides to beat diseases (The U.S. committed to fund the Global Fund because constituents asked for and received bipartisan support from Congress; urge your reps to support anti-poverty work.)
November 12, 2019 Tari Nicholson East Bay Times
The Mercury News
Letter (pdf) World leaders increase their pledges due to US commitment (Kudos to East Bay Reps. DeSaulnier, Lee and Thompson for signing on to H.Res.517 in support of funding the Global Fund at $4.6 billion to fight AIDS, TB and malaria over the next three years.)
November 22, 2019 Georgia Platts East Bay Times
The Mercury News
Letter (pdf) Letter: This is how gig hiring could collapse our economy (Congress must expand the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.)
December 1, 2019 Jim Driggers East Bay Times
The Mercury News
Letter (pdf) Global Fund to Fight AIDS needs support (More than 156 reps and 20 senators from both parties have pledged $4.68 million to the GFATM over the next 3 years; urge your congressional representatives, especially Sen. Feinstein, to deliver the promised amount.)

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