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RESULTS-San Francisco Bay Area

RESULTS is proud to present our December 4 Fundraiser Speaker

Dr. Bobby John, M.D.

Date: Thursday, December 4, 2008
Time: 7:30 pm (Please arrive by 7:15 pm)
Place: The home of Peter Fiekowsky
952 South Springer Rd., Los Altos CA 94024
(650) 941-6871

Dr. John was trained in India as a physician. He set up and led World Vision India’s AIDS program. He works closely with numerous national governments and NGOs in the region to establish, fund, and manage transparent, comprehensive, national health and education programs aimed at eradicating AIDS, TB, and malaria.

As president of Global Health Advocates, he advocates for the emergence of a social movement against AIDS, TB, malaria and other diseases of poverty. Dr. John plays a key role with the RESULTS Educational Fund’s ACTION project, leading advocacy efforts to control TB in India.

For 28 years, much of RESULTS’ funding has come from individuals who express their commitment to the end of hunger and poverty by providing financial support to RESULTS. This supports our highly-leveraged advocacy work for programs that improve the lives of those living in severe poverty. For example, this year we were instrumental in Congress approving $48 billion to expand the fight against AIDS and TB. We are now promoting comprehensive foreign aid reform that will have U.S. foreign aid focus on poverty reduction and fulfilling the U.N. Millennium Development Goals.

This crucial advocacy work is made possible by donations from people like you. Foundations support our educational work, but cannot support advocacy / lobbying. Come learn about what we are accomplishing, and contribute!

RSVP: Bruce Preville, (408) 866-3333